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Product information "Bionova Zym"

The substrate energizer


Enzymes – Concentration 1:2000 – NPK 0-0-0

Healthier Substrate 

Bionova Zym is a natural bio-catalyst (process accelerator), medium builder and  medium improver based on specific enzymes. Enzymes stimulate the water-retaining ability of every medium, which enables a quicker and better penetration of water into the medium. While Bionova Zym penetrates the substrate, it creates more oxygen!

What is Bionova Zym?

Bionova Zym will increase bacteria activities, which converts nutrients and minerals in the substrate into material that is directly absorbable.
Bionova Zym is a catalyser to convert waste matters and delivers them back to the crop in the form of absorbable nutrients.
Moreover, the medium stays clean and free of all sorts of excess components. This is important for every cultivation. but especially for those that re-use their Soil and Coco substrates.

Enzymes are specialized protein molecules and work as catalysts in several bio-chemical processes.
A few of the most conspicuous characteristics of enzymes is the specific way they work in. and in particular their speed. The conversion of sugar into alcohol by means of chemicals usually takes several weeks or even months. while by means of enzymes this merely takes several seconds! Enzymes always work without any waste matters or side-products.

Tips from Bionova growers

✔  Use Bionova Zym during the last 7-10 days of flowering (flush period), this speeds up the flushing process as Bionova Zym helps to break down nutrients which are left in the substrate. We can advice to enhance you flushing period untill the drain water is measured at 150 ppm's.
  In hydroponic systems let the Bionova Zym/water mixture run for 24 hours at least 2-3 times until harvest in 0.5ml to 1ml/litre of water.
✔  Bionova Zym improves beneficial micro-organism activities, to cure and recover the substrate. Use Bionova Zym as following: dilute 250 ml of Bionova Zym in 100 litres of water to soak 1000 litres (1m3) of soil.

How to use Bionova Zym?

Bionova Zym is usable from the first week of growth until harvest.
Bionova Zym is mixable with all Bionova fertilizers, stimulators, minerals, universals & substrates. Bionova Zym can only be used as irrigation and not as foliar spray.

Available in units
  • 250 ml
  • 1 liter
  • 5 liter
  • 20 liter
  • 200 liter
  • 1000 liter on request

Technical specifications

Application in irrigation
Continuously 3ml per 10 liters of water.

Application as foliar spray
Can’t be used as foliar spray




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Bionova Roots

More roots, more flowers

More roots, more flowersStimulator Root growth stimulator– Concentration 1:1000 – NPK 1-0-0Rapid Root DevelopmentBionova Roots activates a better and more rapid root development, more root hairs, a higher food absorption, more resistance against stress, more effective use of nutrients and a higher yield on all tested crops.What is BN Roots?Bionova Roots is one of the first Bionova established products, developed with extensive research on root development and reinforcement. This product has been researched and fabricated with several European horticultural companies and universities worldwide, Bionova Roots consists of the following main ingredients:- Humic-acids (improves the absorption of oxygen, quickens the root and cell development and quickens the transport of ions)- Kelp (healing of wounds and of chlorosis, increases the chlorophyll development and more root-hair development)- Ascorbic-acid (vitamin C)- Thiamin (vitamin B1)- Myo-inositol (also known as vitamin B7, for the forming of cell walls)- L-glycine (amino acid, for a better resistance and growth)Tips from Bionova growers?✔  Use Bionova Roots more frequently during period of high stress and extra specific nutritional needs. as for examples in mother plants and clones production just before and after cut operations.✔  Bionova Roots can help in case of slowed or blocked growth or problems with the root system due to insects. fungi or excessive irrigation or just to improve the crop by using Bionova Roots 2.5 ml/litre as a leaf spray and drain/dry the substrate well.✔  Spray Bionova Roots on clones and young seedlings during rooting formation with dilution rate 0.5-0.75 ml/litre.How to use Bionova Roots?Bionova Roots should be applied from the first week of growth up to 3 consecutive weeks after first application.Bionova Roots is mixable with all Bionova fertilizers, stimulators, minerals, universals & substrates.Bionova Roots can be used as irrigation and as foliar spray.Available in units- 250ml- 1 liters- 5 liter- 20 liter- 200 liters (on request)- 1000 liters (on request)Technical specificationsApplication in irrigationUse Bionova Roots the first 3 weeks in dilution rate 8-5 ml per 10 liters of water.Application as foliar sprayOn cuttings during rooting formation, 0.5 – 0.75 per liter waterSee the feeding chartsCultivation  Application


Bionova X-ceL

Bigger fruits

Excellent Growing + Flowering stimulator for XL flowers Stimulator 100% organic/vegan – Concentration 1:1000 – NPK 1-0-0 Bigger fruits Bionova X-cel is the excellent stimulator to develop XL flowers, which can be applied to all sorts of flowers. fruits. vegetables and herbs. Bionova X-ceL significantly increases yield quantity and yield quality of all tested crops! What is Bionova X-ceL? Bionova X- cel is a 100% certified organic/vegan stimulator. It contains the following main ingredients: Various vitamins, natural growing and flowering stimulators, amino acids. bacteria’s, trace elements, enzymes, kelp and humic acids. The sophisticated combination of components stimulates the bio-chemical functions on all levels. The organic extracts stimulate the metabolism, in particular the photosynthesis, and consequently the forming of carbohydrates. The hormone household of the crop is actively stimulated by the combination of amino acids which are inside Bionova X-cel. Bionova X-cel actively takes part in the growing and flowering process from the first day of planting the crop. the roots strike more quickly which virtually rules out the dropping of leaves. The plant  will grow more rapid and vital. while it simultaneously develops a very extensive root system. The potency of flowering is stimulated and eventually leads to a demonstrable increased yield.  Tips from Bionova growers ✔  To encourage the flower potency, apply Bionova X-ceL a week before the flowering phase, by applying a leaf treatment with Bionova X-ceL 2.5 ml to 5 ml/1 liters, repeat the treatment two times. ✔  Use Bionova X-ceL every week as foliar feeding on mother plants and rooted clones, to ensure a fast recovery after cuttings are taken for a healthy development of the clones. How to use Bionova X-cel? Bionova X-ceL is usable from the first week of growth until the final week of flowering. Bionova X-ceL is mixable with all Bionova fertilizers, stimulators, minerals, universals & substrates. Bionova X-ceL can be used as irrigation and as foliar spray Available in units 250 ml 1 liter 5 liter 20 liter 200 liter 1000 liter on request Technical specifications Application in irrigation Continuously 5-10 ml per 10 liters of water, from the first day until harvest.  Application as foliar spray During growth and first week flowering. use 0.25 ml to 0.50 ml per liter. Use max 3 times.    See the feeding charts Cultivation      Application


Bionova Vitasol

The natural candy

The natural candy Stimulators Cane Molasses – Concentration 1:1000 – NPK 1-0-3 Sweeter fruits Vitasol is an organic stimulator which develops a sweeter taste in any treated plant. The beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi inside Vitasol provide a high potency of uptake in sugars. 100% Natural ingredients inside Vitasol gives you The Natural Candy. What is BioNova Vitasol? This fruit sweetener contains natural sugars. Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Lime, Potassium, vitamins and a great number of vegan trace elements. Vitasol is extremely suitable as a converter of available nutrients. Especially in periods of high production and rapid growth (in case of artificially lighted crops) or in case of a stagnation in growth caused by a deficiency of nutrients, the use of Vitasol will provide more energy in these flowering phases. Tips from Bionova growers ✔  Use Bionova Vitasol once a week in dilution rate from 0.5 ml/litre up to 1 ml/litre during growing stage to enrich and increase micro-organisms life and activities in the substrate. ✔  During the flowering phase increase the usage of Bionova Vitasol up to three times a week dilution rate from 0.5 ml/litre up to 1.5 ml/litre to feed beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi who gives back to plants more available nutrients to be absorbed. with a special focus on phosphorus. potassium and iron.✔  To increase the percentage of insect pollinations on fruits and vegetables , spray Bionova Vitasol on plants in dilution rate 2.5 ml/10 litre up to 5 ml/10 litre to attract even more pollinating insects. How to use Bionova Vitasol? Bionova Vitasol as a fruit sweetener: in final weeks of blooming period 5-10ml per 10 liters Bionova Vitasol as micro-organism boost: 2.5-5 ml per 10 liters Bionova Vitasol is mixable with all Bionova fertilizers. stimulators. minerals. universals & substrates. Bionova Vitasol is not suitable for every irrigation system!Bionova Vitasol can be used as foliar spray. When Vitasol is used in irrigation systems it’s important to clean the system well! Available in units 250 ml 1 liter 5 liter 20 liter 200 liter 1000 liter on request Technical specifications Application in irrigation - Final weeks 5-15ml per 10 liters Application as foliar spray - Not advised as foliar spray      See the feeding charts   Cultivation       Application