Grow method dedicated

dedicated way
Add up to 4 products to the basic way.

Add a choice of the following products or all four to the basic way in order to further stimulate development of the crop.

  • BN Roots when planting out or transplanting for optimum root protection, development and stress-resistance in a vegetable base of algae and other important building blocks.
  • BN-Zym for breaking down plant waste products and converting them into absorbable elements.
  • TML, The Missing Link for optimum health and a quick-acting immune system. Iron ammonium citrate in a base of colloidal minerals of vegetable origin.
  • BN X-ceL … the number 1 hormone-free plant improver on a base of fermented algae and animal proteins. The best of land and sea.

The combination of these products significantly increases the development and flowering period for every plant. A higher and better yield is therefore possible. Managing the crop with these special products also provides plant-based insights and this can lead to improved results.

basic way