One of the elements that is indispensable in Bio Nova’s line of liquid mineral fertilizers is magnesium. This product contains: 0.36% Fe (iron HEEDTA); 0.08% Mn (manganese EDTA); 0.4% Bo (boron monohydrate); 0.09% Zn (zinc EDTA) and 0.06% Mo (sodium molybdate). Trace elements are very small amounts of various elements, which are indispensable for a great number of biological processes. A deficiency of such elements immediately manifests itself in the malfunctioning of a great number of the plant’s functions, eventually resulting into all sorts of deficiencies and ultimately the dying off of the plant. A deficiency of trace elements always manifests itself in the young leaves because the trace elements can no longer be transported within the plant. This trace elements-mix should be used in order to solve deficiencies or as a basis for a complete nutrient solution.

A dosage of 1:1000 increases the total amount of:

  • Fe by 100 umol
  • Mn by 25 umol
  • Bo by 140 umol
  • Zn by 16 umol
  • Mo by 5 umol


In case of deficiencies add 2,5-5 ml. per 10 litres of nutrient solution.
In case of a basis for a complete mix continuously add 2,5 ml. per 10 litres of water.
Note that when you are already using one of Bio Nova’s main fertilizers it is not necessary to use MicroMix.