PK 13-14


PK 13-14

Phosphor makes for the development of a healthy, extensive root system and an exuberant flowering. Potassium prompts the flowering, the so-called flowering potency. The combination of these two components can be rightfully called a superbloomer. Therefore, this is an essential component for every cultivation.

In Bio Nova’s line of pure liquid mineral fertilizers, Bio Nova has a very powerful and quick phosphor-potassium complex at her disposal called: PK 13-14,  which is directly absorbable. This fertilizer should be used in combination with Hydro-SuperMix, Soil-SuperMix, LongFlower or NFT AQUA-SuperMix. A combination with one of these three, makes for a complete fertilization on hydro, soil or NFT-systems.


1st week of flowering: 2 ml/10 liter
2nd week of flowering: 3 ml/10 liter
3rd week of flowering: 4 ml/10 liter
4th week of flowering until the harvest: 6ml/10 liter to a maximum of 10 ml/10 liter